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  • San Mateo Bridge Transit on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    A fact of life on the Peninsula is that during rush hours, the 101 freeway is jammed in both direction leading to SR-92 and SR-92 is also jammed leading to the San Mateo Bridge. Unfortunately, unlike nearly all other Bay Area bridges, this bridge has no transit option currently for the general public nor a […]

  • Trying out autonomous shuttle on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    Not too long ago, I made a trek to San Ramon to try out the PRESTO autonomous shuttle operating inside the Bishop Ranch business park. The service runs 2 battery powered autonomous vehicles between the transit center and the shopping mall. For now, each vehicle has an attendant that monitors the vehicle (and takes over […]

  • Millbrae Station – 20 years later on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    This month (June 2023) is the 20th anniversary of opening of BART SFO extension. Millbrae is the end of the line of this extension & the transfer point between Caltrain and BART. The station was built with an expectation of high ridership & transfer activities, but things changed quite a bit over the past 20 […]

  • Reimagine SamTrans comments on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    Every decade or so many transit agencies re-evaluate its routes. SamTrans is no exception. This time, many transit agencies carry the theme of frequency vs. coverage, which is promoted by a well known transit consultant Jarrett Walker. SamTrans is offering 3 alternatives with one heavily favors improving frequency, one promoting coverage, and one in between […]

  • SB 742 Amtrak bus implementation on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    Last year, the California state legislature approved and the Governor signed SB 742 into law, which allows bus only tickets to be sold on Amtrak Thruway buses in California. This bill overturned a previous law passed 20 years ago that prohibited sale of bus only tickets on these buses due to complaints of unfair competition […]