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  • An invisible rail to rail transfer on by andy, [Bay Area] Hatena Bookmark

    BART’s only standard gauge line between Pittsburg and Antioch is set to open sometime in May of this year. Given my long time advocacy (2 decades!) for standard rail over BART this is the only BART extension that I look forward to. For many decades, there’s been a struggle between expanding BART versus expanding a […]

  • Vision Zero for Caltrain on by andy, [Bay Area] Hatena Bookmark

    A number of fatalities occurred on Caltrain tracks in the last two plus months is approaching to that of the entire 2014. The latest incident on Monday is the 8th of the year while there were only 10 fatalities last year. The trend is alarming. As this incident is being investigated, preliminary report suggests it […]

  • Offering more frequent midday Caltrain service on by andy, [Bay Area] Hatena Bookmark

    Caltrain ridership has reached an all time high and trains are more crowded than ever. With economic recovery ongoing, 101 continues to get congested beyond the traditional peak hours. On Caltrain, not only the peak hour trains are crowded, the ridership is also growing on the shoulder peak trains. One of the things that irks […]

  • No on “filibuster” over Caltrain electrification on by andy, [Bay Area] Hatena Bookmark

    Earlier this month, the Caltrain board certified the final environmental impact report for the electrification project. With this action, Caltrain is one step closer to begin construction and concludes the environmental clearance process that began in 2001. I believe that Caltrain should’ve been electrified when it was first proposed about 30 years ago. At that […]

  • Caltrain mobile ticketing on by andy, [Bay Area] Hatena Bookmark

    Last month, Caltrain presented a proposal on mobile ticketing to its Citizens Advisory Committee. Here’s a brief summary of the presentation from the meeting minutes: