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Ridesharing or running an illegal taxi/limo operation

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The so-call ride-sharing companies like Lyft and Sidecar have been operating a service in the SF Bay Area where the customer uses an mobile app to request a ride, and where the company would then dispatch a vehicle for the customer. Those companies differentiate from the traditional taxicab and limo service because of the mobile app, and more importantly, the car is a personal vehicle of the driver, which contracts with the mobile app company.

Aside from the mobile app use, the major problem with these companies is that they’re unfairly competing with taxi and limo providers by not complying with state and local regulations, along with mandatory insurance requirements. As someone who runs a commercial transportation myself, I can tell you the regulations that I have to comply. The cost of compliance (especially the insurance requirement) also raise the cost of operation far beyond the cost of owning a regular, private car. Read the rest of this page »

Should AC Transit Transbay service be dramatically different?

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As a result of the economic crisis and a huge drop in tax revenue a few years ago, a lot of transit agencies were forced to cut back and reviewed its operations. The Bay Area’s Metropolitan Transportation Commission took leadership and created an incentive program to award agencies that are able to reduce costs (after factoring in inflation) and make transit routes more efficient and productive.

AC Transit is one of the transit agencies identified to improve productivity because it is the largest local transit provider in the East Bay. It provides main line service along key corridors, local and community service connecting with BART, as well as Transbay bus service to San Francisco. Read the rest of this page »

Comments for the SamTrans Service Plan SSP

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This is my comment on the SamTrans Service Plan, which was released in the Fall of 2012:

292 – Rather than reducing service to SF to peak hours only, an option that should be included is to cut service to SF during night hours only, and keep the midday service (and weekend daytime service). I have seen some well utilized trips to and from SF on the weekends. Some tourists from airport hotels also take the 292 to get to San Francisco. Read the rest of this page »



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Once you’ve been in the advocacy and transportation business for so many years, it is hard not to have an opinion. So this is my home for now and thank you for reading.

Because of my involvement in various committees and groups, it is important to note that the opinion expressed here does not necessarily represent the opinion of the groups and committees that I belonged to, as well as the Transit Unlimited Wiki.