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  • UK’s honest attempt at bike shuttle on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    These days, many major transportation structure like tunnels and bridges have bicycle and pedestrian paths built in to provide access to active transportation modes, whether it is for transportation or recreational purposes. But in previous decades, planners didn’t include them because they weren’t considered to be serious transportation. While it is relatively inexpensive to include […]

  • 10th anniversary on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    About 10 years ago, Transit Unlimited Wiki was born. In 2008: While the Bay Area has many transportation alternatives, it is often hard to figure out what options there are and how to use them. It can be especially confusing for new and infrequent riders and visitors on vacation or business. The goal of this […]

  • Reversing the dangerous trend of train-auto collisions on Caltrain on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    Recently there’s a dangerous trend where car drivers intrude onto the rail right of way. In many cases, the car simply got stuck on the track and trains were held while waiting for the tow truck to remove the vehicle. In other cases, the train hit the unoccupied vehicle. Either way, trains were delayed and […]

  • East Bay Coast Line Passenger Rail? on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    For almost 20 years, I have been looking at the issues with passenger rail between the East Bay, San Jose, and on the Peninsula. In the late 90s, before the focus towards extending BART south of Fremont, there were various ideas of building a rail connection via commuter trains. There were 3 existing rail corridors […]

  • VTA tells stadiums: pay up or else on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    This is what VTA telling Sharks fan this season: VTA will no longer offer direct service to or from Santa Teresa light rail station to San Fernando and Diridon Station for special events and games at SAP. In June the VTA Board of Directors adopted a Special Events Policy for event venues to reimburse VTA […]