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  • Private vs. public transit on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    Recently there are more private commute transit options being introduced in San Francisco, with most services focused on connecting affluent neighborhoods like the Marina with Downtown SF and SOMA. Opinions differ whether it is a good addition to a variety of transportation options, or a competition against public transit like Muni.

  • Vision Zero for Caltrain on by andy, [Bay Area] Hatena Bookmark

    A number of fatalities occurred on Caltrain tracks in the last two plus months is approaching to that of the entire 2014. The latest incident on Monday is the 8th of the year while there were only 10 fatalities last year. The trend is alarming. As this incident is being investigated, preliminary report suggests it […]

  • Offering more frequent midday Caltrain service on by andy, [Bay Area] Hatena Bookmark

    Caltrain ridership has reached an all time high and trains are more crowded than ever. With economic recovery ongoing, 101 continues to get congested beyond the traditional peak hours. On Caltrain, not only the peak hour trains are crowded, the ridership is also growing on the shoulder peak trains. One of the things that irks […]

  • Bus stop maps are now offered for more agencies on by andy, [Wiki updates] Hatena Bookmark

    For a while, the wiki has offered bus stop maps (and real time predictions) for agencies that uses the NextBus API (including Muni, AC Transit, LA Metro, etc) and the OneBusAway API (maps only for agencies in the Seattle Region). Now we provide our own GTFS parsing API to offer the same bus stop map […]

  • No on “filibuster” over Caltrain electrification on by andy, [Bay Area] Hatena Bookmark

    Earlier this month, the Caltrain board certified the final environmental impact report for the electrification project. With this action, Caltrain is one step closer to begin construction and concludes the environmental clearance process that began in 2001. I believe that Caltrain should’ve been electrified when it was first proposed about 30 years ago. At that […]

  • Caltrain mobile ticketing on by andy, [Bay Area] Hatena Bookmark

    Last month, Caltrain presented a proposal on mobile ticketing to its Citizens Advisory Committee. Here’s a brief summary of the presentation from the meeting minutes:

  • New Muni Map Online on by andy, [Bay Area] Hatena Bookmark

    New for this year is an interactive Muni map that I spent a couple of weeks to produce. I want some kind of mobile friendly interactive map for the web site but with limited choices it is better for me to create one. It is displayed on Google’s API so you can switch to other […]

  • 2nd Transbay Tube? on by andy, [Bay Area] Hatena Bookmark

    The talk in town after the construction of the Bay Bridge East Span is another transbay tube. The concept, along with another bridge, has been studied about 14 years ago. Some of the ideas that are being thrown around is to have a second BART tube reach South of Market, head up toward Union Square, […]

  • Comments submitted for the VTA’s El Camino BRT EIR on by andy, [Bay Area] Hatena Bookmark

    I wish to submit a few comments for the EIR: Having dedicated lanes for buses is a significant investment, not only in dollar terms, but so is the amount of space on the roadway. On the other hand, the proposal for dedicated lanes would maintain local bus service operating in mixed traffic. Under the dedicated […]

  • Private commuter buses vs. Muni in San Francisco on by andy, [Muni] Hatena Bookmark

    In recent years, there is a debate between the role of private commuter buses (which includes shuttles, Google buses, and now a start up called Leap Transit). Many people support such concepts because it bring new options to commuters and reduce dependence on automobiles. Others are against it because it would somehow compete with Muni […]