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  • Ubers and Lyfts belong in parking garages on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    SFO recently implemented a policy to relocate TNC pick ups from the curb right outside the terminals to the top floor of parking garages. The reason for the relocation is that the curbside pickup has slowed down traffic for everyone, and at times traffic has backed up onto the freeway. While overall the relocation has […]

  • Blast from the past… one of my ideas on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    If VTA actually considered, then we might have a rail connection for quite sometime now rather than still waiting for BART and VTA to settle their issues. I used to have a separate web site for these ideas, but the advent of social media platforms and content management systems, along with changes with my hosting […]

  • End of an era in Seattle on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    Today is the last day where buses would operate in the Downtown Transit Tunnel in Seattle. Starting tomorrow the tunnel would be rail only with Sound Transit Link service to SeaTac and UW, but will eventually expand as multiple extension projects complete to Northgate/Lynnwood, Bellevue/Redmond, and Federal Way. I had a chance to visit that […]

  • Comments on VTA’s Draft 2019 New Transit Service Plan on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    I am troubled with the plan to reduce VTA’s transit operating budget. For a long time now VTA has not been playing in a relevant role in reducing traffic or provide a transportation alternative in a region that is suffering from housing shortage and increasing traffic congestion. For many years, Silicon Valley business and political […]

  • California High Speed Rail – where to go from here on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    Governor Gavin Newsom made a significant announcement on High Speed Rail during his State of the State address: Some say that he’s stopping high speed rail, but clearly he doesn’t intend to stop whatever’s being built on the ground. Is he somehow against high speed rail altogether? I don’t think so. Some people think that […]

  • Just tunnels baby, just tunnels on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    Elon Musk’s unveiling of a tunnel is causing quite a stir in the transit advocacy community. Musk promised a high speed network of cars moving in a tunnel but only demonstrated a normal car moving on a rough surface inside a tunnel at a much lower speed. While we can fairly question the wisdom of […]

  • UK’s honest attempt at bike shuttle on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    These days, many major transportation structure like tunnels and bridges have bicycle and pedestrian paths built in to provide access to active transportation modes, whether it is for transportation or recreational purposes. But in previous decades, planners didn’t include them because they weren’t considered to be serious transportation. While it is relatively inexpensive to include […]

  • An invisible rail to rail transfer on by andy, [Bay Area] Hatena Bookmark

    BART’s only standard gauge line between Pittsburg and Antioch is set to open sometime in May of this year. Given my long time advocacy (2 decades!) for standard rail over BART this is the only BART extension that I look forward to. For many decades, there’s been a struggle between expanding BART versus expanding a […]

  • 10th anniversary on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    About 10 years ago, Transit Unlimited Wiki was born. In 2008: While the Bay Area has many transportation alternatives, it is often hard to figure out what options there are and how to use them. It can be especially confusing for new and infrequent riders and visitors on vacation or business. The goal of this […]

  • Reversing the dangerous trend of train-auto collisions on Caltrain on by andy, [Uncategorized] Hatena Bookmark

    Recently there’s a dangerous trend where car drivers intrude onto the rail right of way. In many cases, the car simply got stuck on the track and trains were held while waiting for the tow truck to remove the vehicle. In other cases, the train hit the unoccupied vehicle. Either way, trains were delayed and […]